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The WCB may provide cost relief if a claim is determined to be eligible. A claim may be eligible for total or partial cost relief of earnings loss benefits or other costs in the following situations:

  • Pre-existing conditions or injury following return to work

WCB policy explains explains cost relief is applied because of a worker’s pre-existing condition or injury following return to work.

A claim may be eligible for cost relief if:

  • A work-related injury is attributed solely to a worker's pre-existing condition.
  • The worker’s non-work-related pre-existing condition is aggravated or accelerated by the work injury and recovery from the work injury is prolonged.
  • The worker’s prior injury while working for another employer prolonged or caused a new injury.
  • The worker has a new injury during a return-to-work program or during alternate or accommodated employment.
  • A secondary injury, disease or condition occurs because of a worker's initial work injury.
  • Any other situation as directed by WCB policy. For example:
    • A worker receives benefits during a notice period while unable to participate in health care or an individual vocational plan.
    • Benefits are redirected to a dependent spouse while a worker is incarcerated.
  • Occupational diseases

WCB policy explains when cost relief is applied because of an occupational disease.

A claim may be eligible for cost relief to cover the high costs of a latent occupational disease if:

  • Employment is only partially responsible for the disease.
  • The employer no longer reports to the WCB or cannot be confirmed.
  • The effects of exposure to a harmful substance were not known at the time of exposure.
  • Disasters

WCB policy explains when cost relief is applied because of a disaster.

A claim may be eligible for cost relief to cover high claim costs from a disaster if:

  • Costs are more than 10 times the maximum wage rate for one claim.
  • Costs are more than 20 times the maximum wage rate for two or more claims.



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