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Your medical team

No matter when we learn about your incident, you and your family can rest assured that you will get the medical attention you need, even if your claim has not been accepted.

You may have many different care providers during your recovery – doctors, nurses, social workers and your team from the WCB. Your medical team may include:

  • Occupational therapists and physiotherapists (therapists) – Therapists evaluate your need for prosthetics, medical equipment and modifications to your home and vehicle. They consult with local providers to ensure your treatment plan addresses any challenges you may have with your mobility.
  • Psychologists and social workers If you’re having difficulty coping as a result of your injury, this team will arrange for services to help you. Your team can organize counselling or refer you to support services in your community.

Your WCB team

Here is a list of people at the WCB that you may work with during your claim:

  • Case manager – Your customer care facilitator will be your first point of contact for all matters related to your claim. He or she determines your benefits, helps access services and manages your claim on an ongoing basis. Our specialized staff review your needs for allowances, equipment, appliances and prosthetics. They answer your calls and help arrange for some of the services you’ll receive.
  • Vocational rehabilitation specialist  Your vocational rehabilitation specialist from the WCB helps you find employment that is suitable and safe for your circumstances. If you’re not able to return to work, he or she can assist you in other areas of your life, like helping you integrate back into your community.
  • customer care facilitator support The customer care facilitator support person will assist your customer care facilitator in the ongoing management of your claim. They will also answer questions if your customer care facilitator is unavailable.
  • Payment specialist The payment specialist is responsible for ensuring your earnings loss benefits are correct and paid in a timely manner. As well, they process all expense payments.

We are all behind you as you recover from your injury

It’s important for you to be involved in your own care and treatment. Ask questions and communicate with us regularly about what you need.


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The WCB is committed to helping you. We are available to answer your questions.

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