Financial assistance options when your WCB benefits are ending

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The WCB provides workers with information about financial assistance options when their WCB benefits are ending. Workers may also be eligible for alternate financial support when they have recovered from a work injury and earnings loss benefits are ending or where benefits are suspended temporarily.

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We offer these services:

  1. We can direct you to other sources of assistance:
    1. Check with your employer.
      1. Ask if you have any sick days you can use.
      2. If you are part of an extended benefits program, ask if you qualify for long-term disability.
    2. Check with Service Canada to see if you qualify for regular or sickness benefits through employment insurance.
      Website address:
      Phone: 1.800.206.7218
    3. Check if you are eligible for family and social support through the government of Saskatchewan.
      Website address:
      Phone: 1.866.221.5200
  2. If you feel you would benefit from counselling, contact your customer care facilitator or vocational rehabilitation specialist to learn more about WCB-sponsored services, as the WCB may also provide up to three hours (3) of counseling services to manage stress or anxiety you may be experiencing because your benefits are ending.

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