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A work injury claim may cause your WCB premiums to increase. There are several ways that you can manage claim costs:

  • File an Employer’s Initial report of injury (E1) form within five days of becoming aware of a work-related injury. Prompt reporting means timely decisions can be made on medical treatment for an injured worker. Once aware of the injury, the WCB can help the injured worker’s primary caregiver by identifying available appointments with specialists and treatment centres. Delays can compromise the worker’s complete recovery and timely return to work.
  • Keep accurate records of injuries. Occupational Health and Safety legislation states that you must log all mishaps and injuries.
  • Co-operate with your worker’s medical treatment.
  • Help the worker to return to work by making changes to their job duties and workstation to allow for any restrictions caused by the injury.
  • Your injured worker should provide you with information from their health care provider about the work duties they can perform and the date you can expect them to resume the work they were doing before the injury. The information will help you arrange temporary duties until they’re ready to go back to their usual work.
  • Stay in touch with your worker, their health care provider, union representative and the WCB to set up and follow a return-to-work plan to get the worker back on the job as soon as it’s medically safe.

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