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Vocational Rehabilitation – Equipment and Tools
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PRO 05/2004

Effective date: November 1, 2004

Application: All equipment and tools for vocational rehabilitation

Policy subject: Return to work and vocational rehabilitation


To establish guidelines for the purchase of equipment and tools for vocational rehabilitation programs.


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  1. The Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) has approved policy (POL 05/2004) for the provision of equipment and/or tools for injured workers engaged in vocational rehabilitation programs.
  2. The following procedure provides staff with specific guidance with respect to purchase and/or recovery of equipment and tools.


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  1. All purchases must be identified in the IVP, including the conditions of purchase, and are subject to the requirements of the Procurement Procedure (Procedure PRO 07/2012).
  2. Single purchases under $2500 are the property of the worker and will not be recovered by the WCB.
  3. Where leasing equipment and/or tools is considered, as in Point 8 of the policy, the VRS must complete a cost analysis to be included in the IVP.

Single Purchases $2500 and Greater

  1. For single item purchase(s) $2500 and greater:
    1. The Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist (VRS) will complete the necessary forms for registering the security interest with the appropriate Registry, Personal Property and/or Land Titles. The Corporate Solicitor may be consulted, as necessary.
    2. The security interest will be recorded to the worker’s file for the original purchase price of the item(s). The VRS will request confirmation that equipment and tools have been insured prior to the release of funds or distribution of items to the worker.
    3. Where the requirements of Point 11 of the policy are met, the VRS will ensure the security interest is removed from the appropriate registry and noted to the worker’s file.

Recovery of Equipment and/or Tools

  1. WCB will recover single item purchases valued at $2500 and over based on the criteria outlined in Point 12 of the policy.
  2. The VRS will notify the worker in writing of WCB’s intent to recover the equipment and/or tools, providing the worker the following options:
    1. Purchase the item(s) at its depreciated value. Depreciation varies with the type of asset. The VRS will consult Financial Services to determine the rate of depreciation for the equipment to be recovered.


      The rate of depreciation = 1.7% per month; equipment used for six months.

            Number of months of use x 1.7% = total depreciation in per cent (%)

            Total depreciation % x original purchase value of item = dollars depreciated

      Original purchase price – dollars depreciated = Depreciated Value


            6 (months of use) x 1.7% = 10.2 % (total per cent depreciation)

      10.2% x $3000 (original price of item) = $306 (dollars depreciated)

      $3000 - $306 = $2694 (Depreciated Value)

    2. Return the item(s). The VRS will notify Facilities to make arrangements for pick up of equipment and tools and transporting them to Regina for storage. Costs will be charged to the claim file.
  1. Where a worker does not agree to voluntarily purchase or return the items within 30 days of discontinuance of the IVP, the VRS will notify Legal Services.
  2. The worker’s file will continue to reflect WCB’s security interest until the item(s) or the depreciated value (at the time of notification in Point 5 above) has been recovered.
  3. Where all efforts for recovery have failed, the Team Leader will suspend recovery activity, pending recommendation from the Corporate Solicitor.
  4. Consistent with ADM PRO 07/2016, Disposal of Surplus Assets, Facilities will be responsible for storing, documenting and retrieving item(s) for reuse or for disposal. Arrangements for determining the condition of the retrieved items will be made by Facilities. Costs will be charged to the claim file.
  5. The Manager of Vocational Services Support will review the inventory of stored items on a semi-annual basis and forward recommendations for continued storage or disposal to Facilities.
  6. Prior to all new purchases, staffs are to contact the Purchasing Officer to review stored items against current equipment needs. Where none are suitable or available, new purchase requests may be forwarded via the Purchase Tracker, or authorization given to the worker to purchase directly from vendors.

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01 January 2014. References updated in accordance with The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013

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ADM PRO 07/2016 Disposal of Surplus Assets (WCB Staff)

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