Medical Review Panel member responsibilities

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If you are a member of a Medical Review Panel, you have a number of responsibilities. Find out what you are responsible for in this process.

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As a Medical Review Panel member, your responsibilities include:

  • Providing a list of dates you are available to examine the worker.
  • Offering your office space as a location for the examination of the worker, if required.
  • Attending the examination once a date, time and location are decided.
  • Reviewing all information from the WCB claim file before the examination. A copy of the WCB claim file will be sent to you prior to the date of the Medical Review Panel Examination.
  • Examining the worker and reviewing all diagnostic information and test results.
  • Restricting any contact with the worker or their representative prior to the examination (if this is one of your patients) to ensure a fair and unbiased decision.
  • Participating in a decision with the other panel members by answering the six questions posed in Section 63 of The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013.
  • Protecting the privacy of the worker through the proper care of all documentation provided. Once the panel’s work is complete, appropriately destroying all documentation.
  • Ensuring the principles of natural justice are followed:
    • The worker has an opportunity to provide information concerning the issue before you.
    • The worker is entitled to a decision from an unbiased decision maker.
    • The panel members and the chairperson must be the ones to decide on the question posed.

If you have any questions, please contact board services.

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