Third-party actions

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Find out what a third party is, what types of claims involve third parties and whom you need to notify.

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A worker, a surviving dependant and/or the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) may take legal action against a third party responsible for a work injury.

Frequently asked questions

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A: A third party is a person or entity that is not a worker or employer covered by The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013.

A: Examples of claims that may involve a third party include:

  • motor vehicle collisions
  • fatalities
  • product liability
  • aircraft crashes
  • assault against a worker
  • negligence by a third party
  • slips and falls

A: You must provide written notice if you decide to take action against a third party. We will also advise you of our claim in the third-party action.

A: To recover the costs of a claim, we may:

  • Bring legal action in our own name against the third party if the worker chooses not to.
  • Recover claim costs from the amount recovered by the worker in the settlement of the action.

A: If the legal action is successful, we may recover money for all or part of any current and future claim costs, minus our share of the legal costs. Any amount remaining after this recovery is payable to you.

A: We will provide your employer with cost relief if we are successful in recovering all or part of the claim costs. The cost relief will equal the lesser of the claim costs charged against the employer (less legal fees) or the amount of the settlement.


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