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Massage Therapists
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PRO 06/2024

Effective date: January 1, 2024

Application: All claims on and after the effective date.

Policy subject: Health care services – providers


To provide administrative guidelines for approving and evaluating massage therapy services.


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  1. Upon Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) approval, a worker entitled to benefits under The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013 (the “Act”) is also entitled to (Section 103):
    1. Any medical aid that may be necessary because of the work-related injury.
    2. Any other treatment by a health care provider.
    3. Any prosthetic or apparatus that may be necessary as a result of the injury, and
    4. Any travel and sustenance costs associated with receiving medical treatment as a result of the injury.
  2. The WCB is authorized to determine health care services fees (Section 104).
  3. The practice standards, accreditation requirements, fees, reporting forms and primary authorization to treat forms for massage therapists (MT) providing services to WCB customers are available at The Massage Therapy Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS) and the WCB will negotiate changes to these documents as needed.


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  1. Operations staff will review completed Primary Authorization to Treat forms with attached referrals to make sure:
    1. The service relates to the work injury.
    2. The MT and massage therapy clinic have WCB accreditation.
    3. The referral is made by a:
      1. Physician
      2. Nurse Practitioner
      3. Physical Therapist
      4. Occupational Therapist, or
      5. Chiropractor.
    4. The referral notes the goals of massage therapy.
    5. The worker is currently receiving active therapy (e.g., exercise therapy) from a:
      1. Physical Therapist,
      2. Occupational Therapist or
      3. Chiropractor.
  2. The operations staff will tell the MT in writing if they are authorized to provide care and invoice the WCB. If the MT is authorized, the operations staff will also tell the MT:
    1. The WCB will only pay for up to five massage therapy treatments per claim.
    2. To direct bill the WCB.
    3. If an initial assessment, progress and/or discharge reports will be funded.
  3. The WCB will not pay for any services provided before the MT receives approval.
  4. The WCB will stop paying for massage therapy when the worker:
    1. Is not making any functional gains
    2. Has met the goals of massage therapy, or
    3. Receives five massage therapy treatments.
  5. The WCB will immediately notify the MT in writing when treatment coverage has been discontinued early.


  1. Medical and Health Care Services (MHCS) will perform ad hoc file reviews to ensure quality assurance.
  2. MHCS will run monthly reports to track and evaluate quantitative variances and trends.
  3. MHCS and the MTAS will monitor compliance with the:
    1. Service fees.
    2. Practice standards.
  4. MHCS will issue letters to MTs that do not comply with the service fees or standards. These letters will outline appropriate corrective actions. Failure to comply with these actions may result in the loss of WCB accreditation.

Complaints and Dispute Resolution

  1. Workers can report complaints of any nature to the WCB. Complaints regarding professional incompetence or misconduct by a care provider will be directed by the Manager of HCS to the care providers’ regulatory body or association. MHCS will note all complaints and resolutions internally on the service provider’s accreditation file.
  2. Workers that want to see a different provider should discuss their concerns with the primary care provider who made the initial referral.


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(1) PRO 52/2015    Massage Therapists (effective June 1, 2015, to December 31, 2023).

(2) PRO 50/2013,   Medical Fees – Massage Therapists (effective April 1, 2013 to May 31, 2015).

(3) PRO 51/2010,   Medical Fees – Massage Therapy Service Providers (effective April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2013).

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