WCB claimant sentenced in fraud conviction in Melfort

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Regina – A former labourer was sentenced today in Melfort at the Court of Queen’s Bench to two and a half years in jail for defrauding the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB).

The former claimant was found guilty of filing two false claims, in addition to returning to work while in receipt of benefits. The WCB received a restitution order for the full amount of the fraud of $137,377.76.

The WCB has a responsibility to safeguard the workers’ compensation system. It relies on workers, employers, and caregivers to accurately report injuries, employment activities, payroll, and medical treatment.

Details on fraud are available at the WCB’s website, www.wcbsask.com. Suspected fraud can be reported toll free at 1.877.595.2541 or email fraud@wcbsask.com.

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