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Mental Health Service Providers
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PRO 02/2021

Effective date: March 1, 2021

Application: All claims where workers require primary mental health services.

Policy subject: Health care services – providers


To provide administrative guidelines for approving and evaluating services provided by mental health service providers.


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  1. Upon Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) approval, a worker entitled to benefits under The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013 is also entitled to (Section 103):
    1. Any medical aid that may be necessary because of the work-related injury.
    2. Any other treatment by a health care provider.
    3. Any orthotic appliance or apparatus that may be necessary as a result of the injury, and
    4. Any travel and sustenance costs associated with receiving medical treatment as a result of the injury.
  2. The WCB is authorized to determine health care services fees (Section 104).
  3. The Act directs the WCB to cover the costs of treatment or medical aid that may be required as a result of a work injury (Section 115(c)).


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  1. Mental health service providers who are fully licenced members of the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists (SCP) or Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers (SASW), hold the Authorized Practice Endorsement (APE), and are accredited by the WCB to provide services to injured workers can access the following at
    1. Practice Guidelines for Mental Health Service Providers Providing Primary Level Services and Assessment Services to WCB Customers.
    2. Accreditation requirements.
    3. Fees.
    4. Reporting forms.
    5. Primary Authorization to Treat forms.

The WCB will update these documents, as needed, under the advice of the WCB Psychological Consultant.

  1. If the injured worker is receiving counselling from a service provider who does not meet the WCB accreditation requirements, the WCB may approve up to eight weeks of treatment. However, if return to work (RTW) or recovery does not immediately occur, the WCB will arrange treatment with an accredited provider and the services with the unaccredited provider will cease.
  2. Operations staff will review Primary Level Authorization to Treat – Psychology/Counsellors forms completed by accredited mental health service provider, initial reports (PSYI) and progress/discharge reports (PSYP) that the WCB receives within the first four weeks post-injury. Operations staff will review reports received after four weeks unless Claims Entitlement retains the file.
  3. Operations staff can request the assistance of the WCB Psychological Consultant at any time during the review of claims.
  4. If the Operations staff or WCB Psychological Consultant determines that the WCB should deny coverage, the file manager will inform the mental health service provider. The WCB will pay for services up to and including the date of notification.
  5. Quality assurance and compliance:
    1. Mental health service providers treating injured workers must participate in any quality assurance programs that the WCB develops to ensure compliance with the WCB’s Practice Guidelines for Mental Health Service Providers.
    2. Mental health service providers who do not comply with the practice guidelines will be notified of corrective actions by the WCB’s Medical and Health Care Services (MHCS). Further non-compliance may result in the loss of WCB accreditation.
    3. Mental health service providers who do not comply with WCB’s reporting requirements will be notified of corrective actions by MHCS. Further non-compliance may lead to the WCB denying payment for treatment.
    4. Workers can report complaints of any nature to the WCB. If the complaint alleges professional incompetence or misconduct by a care provider, the Manager of Health Care Services will direct the complainant to the SCP.
    5. MHCS will note all complaints and resolutions on the service provider’s accreditation file.
  6. Workers who want to receive treatment from a different mental health service provider must discuss their concerns with their primary care provider who made the initial referral. If the primary care provider disagrees with the worker’s request for a new referral, WCB staff may follow-up with them on a case-by-case basis. If an alternative method of treatment is recommended, WCB will evaluate this option and implement, as needed.

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The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013
Sections 55, 103, 104, 115(c)

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Document History

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