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If you have a return-to-work program in place, it is your responsibility to give your worker your company’s return-to-work form (also called a Medical Restrictions form) to be filled out by their care provider. If your company doesn’t have a form, you can use our Medical Restrictions form. Another option is for you to advise your worker to have their care provider:

  • Make a list of the worker’s current capabilities and/or restrictions and the expected duration of any restrictions.
  • Give a date when the worker should be able to return to work.

When you have this information, you can use it, along with information about the worker’s skills and education, to set up a return-to-work plan. Your WCB representative can help you and your worker adjust their duties or workstation to allow them to work while recovering from their injury.

Remember to advise your WCB representative once your worker has been accommodated and has returned to work.

Under WCB legislation, your worker also has a legal obligation to co-operate with return-to-work plans to keep their loss of earnings to a minimum. They are expected to work closely with their care provider and co-operate fully in their treatment and rehabilitation. If they don’t, the WCB will decide if their benefits should continue, be suspended, reduced or stopped altogether based on the reasons they give for not co-operating.

There are numerous websites to help employers develop a return-to-work process. Visit WorkSafe Saskatchewan’s website at, contact the WCB’s Prevention department at 306.787.4370 (toll free: 1.800.667.7590) or email for more information.



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