President of Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence to speak at the WCB’s Compensation Institute in Regina

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Regina, SK – Workplace injuries caused by violence are increasing in Saskatchewan and the risk of violence is a concern to employers and workers in various industries. Employers and workers want to know what they can do to eliminate the risk of workplace violence and how to stay safe at work. In 2016, violence was the fifth highest cause of workplace injury in Saskatchewan. This is why the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) is bringing Glenn French, President and CEO of the Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence, to speak at the WCB’s annual Compensation Institute, March 19-20.

Glenn is a national and international authority on workplace violence prevention and in light of well-publicized workplace abuses in Canada, he can offer insight into the critical elements of a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program. This includes policy development to acceptable training and follow-up, including critical issues surrounding intimate partner violence and abuse of power.

Compensation Institute is a free two-day educational event featuring a number of world-class guest speakers addressing current workplace health and safety issues, as well as WCB claims management, prevention and employer services information and two workshops.

About Glenn

Glenn French is the President and CEO of the Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence, based in Toronto. Within the mental health field, he has held many senior administrative and clinical positions in the private and public sectors. Many of Canada’s leading organizations interested in the safety and wellbeing of their employees have retained him. Glenn was invited to address the 9th Global Conference on Occupational Health and Safety sponsored in part by the World Health Organization held in Merida, Mexico where he tabled his most recent paper entitled “Towards a Global Standard for Workplace Conduct.” He has also been an invited speaker for such organizations as the American Federation of Labour, Osgoode Law School and the Canadian Human Rights Commission to name but a few. Mr. French’s highly anticipated text entitled, “A Canadian Encyclopedia of Workplace Violence” is scheduled for release in 2018.

Compensation Institute is an annual event hosted for more than 20 years to learn from and educate Saskatchewan employers and workers on the province’s compensation system

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