Fraud and abuse

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Learn what fraudulent activity is, examples and tips for employers, workers, and care providers, and how to report suspected fraud to the WCB.

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Fraudulent activity impacts any organization’s integrity and accountability to its stakeholders. Maintaining equity within the workers’ compensation system demands that trust be placed in employers, workers, health-care providers, suppliers/vendors, as well as WCB staff.

When that trust is breached, there is a cost to everyone.

The workers’ compensation system is funded by premiums paid by Saskatchewan employers. Fraud or abuse can have long-term adverse consequences on employer premium rates, worker benefits and treatment.

Fraud and abuse affect employers, workers, the WCB and those whose rights and responsibilities the WCB must uphold.

The WCB will not tolerate fraud or abuse from any party. Those who abuse the system with intent face the possibility of prosecution under the Criminal Code. The WCB continues to identify and eliminate fraudulent activity. You can help by understanding what fraud is and notifying us about suspected fraud/abuse.


Report suspected fraud or abuse

You can report suspected fraud or abuse by phone, email or mail addressed to the attention of Director, Internal Audit.