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To contact the WCB about a claim, please email or call 1.800.667.7590.

The WCB’s preferred method for the submission of forms, reports or receipts is by emailing Please send either a picture (JPEG) or a PDF document.

The following information is to assist workers as we understand that you may have many questions surrounding possible work-related exposure to COVID-19. Most instances of COVID-19 are not work-related, therefore they do not need to be reported to the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). However, there are some exceptions. Claims submitted for COVID-19 contracted through a work-related exposure are adjudicated on a case-by-case basis.

When COVID-19 may be work-related

A worker may be entitled to compensation if there is a confirmed link between the workers exposure and their employment, and they contract COVID-19 .Based on WCB policy, Injuries – Communicable Disease (POL 02/2010), the following conditions must be met:

  • There is confirmed exposure to the disease in the workplace.


  • The time period that the illness is contracted is in close proximity to the confirmed workplace exposure.


  • The nature of employment creates a greater risk of exposure for the worker than to the general population.

Examples of claims that may be accepted

Outbreak in the workplace: A worker, whose place of employment has had other employees test positive for COVID-19, is at a greater risk of contracting the virus and may have an acceptable claim.

Acute care hospital worker: A worker providing treatment to patients for COVID-19. As this worker is at greater risk than the general public, they may have an acceptable claim.

Retail worker: A worker, while working with the general public, interacts with a customer who has been confirmed as having contracted COVID-19, may have an acceptable claim.

Frequently asked questions for workers on COVID-19

For more information, read the frequently asked questions for workers on COVID-19.

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