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Learn about the standards of conduct for those representing you in the appeals process.

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If you have filed an appeal with the Board Appeal Tribunal (the tribunal), the tribunal recognizes your right to have a representative of your choice. Your representative is expected to adhere to the tribunal’s standards of conduct:

  1. Representatives must represent the customer honestly.
  2. Representatives will not put forward any information known to be untrue.
  3. Representatives will not knowingly assist or encourage anyone to be dishonest or misrepresent facts.
  4. Representatives must be prepared and should be familiar with the claim file or assessment file.
  5. Representatives must be familiar with the tribunal’s practices and WCB policies and procedures.
  6. Representatives will not unduly delay the appeal proceedings; they will ensure their punctuality and that of their customer for the hearing in the appeal process.
  7. Representatives must behave courteously and respectfully to all participants and the tribunal during an oral hearing.
  8. Representatives should instruct their customers and witnesses on the requirement for courtesy during hearings and should take reasonable steps to dissuade customers and witnesses from disrupting a hearing.

    The chair or acting chair of the tribunal has the authority to control the proceeding to ensure it is conducted in a manner that is respectful of all participants and the tribunal, including tribunal staff:
    • A disruptive representative may be excluded from the hearing room.
    • A representative who is abusive to tribunal staff may have their access to staff restricted.
    • A representative may be restricted in their ability to appear before the tribunal as a result of abusive behaviour.
  1. Representatives must respect the confidentiality of information disclosed during tribunal proceedings and not use that information for other purposes.
  2. A representative who wishes to contact the tribunal should contact the assistant to the board who has been assigned to the appeal.
  3. Due to the potential for real or perceived conflicts of interest, current WCB employees are excluded from serving as a representative for another person or organization.

Following a tribunal decision, a representative must not write to or otherwise contact the tribunal or a tribunal member concerning the decision. Any request for clarification, correction, addendum for a missed issue or reconsideration must be sent to the assistant to the board who has been assigned to the appeal, where it will be dealt with appropriately.


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