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Learn who must have positional personal coverage and who can choose to purchase optional positional personal coverage.

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Under Section 5 of The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013 (the Act), positional personal coverage is available for the elected officials of a city, town, village or rural municipality.

Positional personal coverage is mandatory for:

  • The elected officials, including councillors and reeves, of a rural municipality.

Positional personal coverage may be purchased by and is optional for:

  • The elected officials, including aldermen (councillors) and mayors of a city, town or village.

When personal positional coverage is purchased, the applicant becomes a worker and is eligible for benefits under the Act. Earnings loss benefits will be based on the amount of coverage purchased by the applicant.

Positional personal coverage may be purchased for any amount between the minimum and the maximum assessable positional coverage amounts for the current year. The 2024 amounts are:

  • minimum: $40,382
  • maximum: $99,945

The amount of coverage purchased should reflect actual employment earnings of the elected official’s position.

Individuals that work in this role are generally employed elsewhere full- or part-time. As a result, coverage may be prorated for the elected official. If an injury occurs during the performance of their duties as an elected official, the individual would be covered at the amount chosen by the city, town, village or rural municipality, in addition to their earnings from all other insured sources (i.e., their regular employment that is not considered part of an excluded industry).

In the event of an injury, proof of earnings will be required if the amount of coverage purchased is above the minimum assessable amount. If your actual earnings are less than the amount of coverage you have purchased, we will reduce your coverage to the confirmed amount. We will not give a refund on your premiums, so please make sure you choose an amount that is no more than your actual earnings.

This coverage is meant to cover individuals when working in their capacity as an elected official. It is not meant to cover other work that is not part of an individual’s role as an elected official.

For more information or to elect personal positional coverage, please contact our office at 1.800.667.7590.


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