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Learn what medical care the WCB will pay for, how billing works and what receipts you need to keep.

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Your WCB team will monitor your progress and pay for necessary medical care related to your claim. The WCB is billed directly by the hospital, other caregivers and companies supplying medical equipment. We may reimburse you directly for other treatments and expenses, such as prescription drugs and medical supplies that may not be directly billed to the WCB.

Always contact your customer care facilitator before starting any treatments or buying any equipment or supplies. He or she can tell you if the treatments or purchases are covered by the WCB and let you know whether we can arrange direct billing to save you time and effort.

If you need to pay for approved expenses yourself, save all the original receipts so we can reimburse you. We’ll do our best to ensure you’re never out of pocket for costs related to your claim.

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CTA: Looking for more information on medical treatment and expenses?

Looking for more information on medical treatment and expenses?

The WCB pays for medical treatment, hospital care, prescription drugs and medical supplies. Find out who you can see for medical treatment and the forms you need to be reimbursed for medical expenses. Learn what happens if you need an attendant to accompany you to a medical appointment. Find out what expenses the WCB may pay for, including travel and dental expenses, and learn about personal care allowances.

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