What to do if you’re injured at work and how to file a claim

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If you are injured at work, there are three things you need to do immediately: Seek medical attention, report your injury to your employer and report your injury to the WCB using the Worker’s Initial Report of Injury (W1) form. Learn how to file a claim with the WCB and what you’ll need to file your claim. Find information specific to temporary foreign workers and workers who are injured out of province.

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3 things you must do immediately if you are injured at work


To access our services without delay, you, a family member or your representative should contact us as soon as possible following your work injury. If you need help, ask a hospital social worker to assist you. To start a claim for you, we’ll need some information about your injury.

What qualifies as a work injury?

A work injury is the result of any work-related event that causes a need for medical treatment and/or time away from work. The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) considers each work injury on an individual basis, but in most cases compensation applies to injuries that occur while a worker is at work, on company premises or on company business. This includes an occupational disease caused by work. Learn more about what qualifies as a work injury. 

There are three things you need to do immediately if you are injured at work:

  1. Get medical attention immediately if you need it.
    • Your employer should provide appropriate first aid and arrange transportation so you can receive treatment from a qualified health-care professional.
    • Have your health-care professional report to the WCB. Your health-care professional should identify any physical restrictions resulting from your injury and give them to you in writing.
  2. Report your injury to your employer immediately.
  3. Report your injury to the WCB by completing the Worker’s Initial Report of Injury (W1) form immediately.

    Choose one of the following options to report your injury to the WCB:
    • Online: Submit a W1 form online. Get started with automatic access and create a WCB online account. Learn about the online services available and how they can help you with the claims process.

      Submit a W1 form online
    • Email: Download, complete and email the W1 form to forms@wcbsask.com.

      Please follow these steps when submitting a form via email:
      • Fill out all empty fields online.
      • Print the form to add your signature.
      • Scan and email to forms@wcbsask.com.
      • If the form is not printed and scanned before submitting, it will not be accepted. 
      • Please submit your information saved as one of these supported file attachments and forward to us in your email. Please ensure that the maximum size does not exceed 28MB.
        • jpeg
        • pdf (excludes HEIC)
        • docx (Microsoft Word)
        • xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
        • png
        • tiff
      • By mail: The W1 form is available online for download.
        Once you’ve filled it out in pen, keep a copy for your records.
        Mail the signed copy of the W1 form to the WCB at:
        Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board
        200-1881 Scarth Street
        Regina, SK   S4P 4L1
      • By phone: Call the WCB at 1.800.787.9288 and a WCB representative will take your information and complete the form for you.

To complete the W1 form, you need:

  • your birthdate
  • your social insurance number
  • your provincial health services card number
  • your employer’s name, address and phone number
  • the name of the health-care provider who is treating your injury

What happens next?

Workers, employers, health-care providers and the WCB all have a role to play in the recovery and return-to-work process following a work injury. 


Participate with your employer, care provider and the WCB in setting up an appropriate and safe return-to-work plan. The plan usually includes treatment, employment services and suitable work duties.

Effective claims management must involve not only the WCB, but also employers, workers and care providers in a co-operative relationship. The WCB uses a proactive customer care facilitator system to maximize early treatment, support safe return to work and provide superior customer service.

  • Claims are immediately sorted to focus attention on injuries with complications or those of a more serious, longer-term nature.
  • Established recovery schedules, timelines and standards result in prompt treatment and return to work.
  • Medical treatment and return-to-work activities run at the same time.
  • Treatment, physical rehabilitation and return-to-work plans are continually monitored to ensure your progress to recovery and return to the workplace.
  • Be sure to stay in contact with your employer throughout the entire process.
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