Canada day long weekend safety tips

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Happy Canada Day. Long weekends are a great opportunity to plan a much needed getaway. While planning your trip, please remember the following important safety tips:

  1. Slow down in the orange zones. Remember to slow to 60/km or abide by the speed limits posted.
  2. Inspect your vehicle before you set out. Check your tires, gas, oil, and look for any damage that may be a hazard to you or other drivers.
  3. Don’t drink and drive. This applies to all vehicles: boats, cars, ATV’s and recreational vehicles.
  4. Be sun safe. Apply sunscreen frequently to avoid burns.
  5. Protect yourself from insects.

Let’s make zero injuries our mission this Canada Day weekend. Keep yourself and your family safe at home and at play.

Enjoy Canada’s 150th celebration. The Saskatchewan Tourism website provides activities you can take part in throughout the province.

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