Suspension of payment

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Read excerpts from the WCB’s governing legislation on when the WCB may suspend payments to dependants of a worker who has died from a workplace injury.

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Suspension of payment

99 If a right to compensation is suspended pursuant to this Act, no compensation is payable with respect to the period of suspension.


Other relevant sections from The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013:

Compensation to dependants

Compensation and expenses payable on death of worker – Section 80

Surviving dependent spouse – Section 81

If dependants do not live together – Section 82

Certain dependent children 18 to 25 years – Section 83

Adopting parent, etc., of dependent children – Section 84

If there are only dependent children – Section 85

Other dependants – Section 86

Partial dependency – Section 87

Proof of necessities, etc. – Section 88



Compensation reduced by certain benefits under Canada Pension Plan – Section 95

Other benefits to be taken into account – Section 96

If worker or dependant under legal disability – Section 97

Board may fix periods of payment – Section 98


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