WCB launches Business Transformation Program to better serve employers and injured workers

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Regina, Sask., May 26, 2021 – The WCB officially launched its Business Transformation Program to transform how the WCB serves its customers. Work on this program started in 2020 and the program officially launched in the first quarter of 2021.

The WCB’s Business Transformation Program is the start of a transformation that will change how the WCB serves its customers. Over the next five to seven years, the organization will invest in processes, structures and technologies that will enable the WCB to transfer how its customers are served.

“Although we have heard some inspiring stories about our services, the need for a Business Transformation Program has been evident from what our customers and staff have been telling us,” says the WCB’s CEO Phil Germain. “To validate this, we completed an organization-wide assessment of our current state and worked with staff and customers to determine where there are gaps in service. This confirmed our need for change.”

This led to the development and launch of a high-level roadmap and five- to seven-year business transformation strategy.

The Business Transformation Program will take customers and partners on a transformative journey to reimagine how the WCB delivers its products and services across all areas of the business and then make the changes needed.

“The end result will be better service for our customers through enhanced processes and technologies,” says Germain. “This will create a win-win-win-win scenario for workers, employers and partners.”

One of the major objectives of the Business Transformation Program is to modernize WCB customer service delivery.

Benefits of the Business Transformation Program include:

  • Enhancing customer service.
  • Providing better web and mobile tools to injured workers and employers.
  • Improving return-to-work outcomes and reducing time loss from work-related injuries. Improved claims outcomes equates to cost savings to employers.
  • Providing better self-serve options to employers.

“Going forward, the vision of the WCB’s customer service delivery model will be more proactive and focused on following customers' needs from the first interaction through to the final interaction,” says Germain. “The long-term goal of the Business Transformation Program is to evolve our entire delivery model to support workers and employers and to seek to reduce claim costs and lost work time, as well as prevent disabilities.”

Learn more about the Business Transformation program here.

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