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Regina, Sask., May 17, 2022 – As workers and employers step back into the post-pandemic workplace, issues such as mental health and burnout are top of mind. Those are two of the relevant workplace safety issues that will be discussed at the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board’s (WCB) free, two-day virtual event, Compensation Institute, which runs May 17-18. More than 500 people have registered to attend the event.

In its 24th year, Compensation Institute is a free event that provides a unique opportunity for attendees to hear from world-class Canadian keynote presenters on a range of topics, experiences and perspectives regarding workplace safety, and safety leadership and practices. This year’s topics include mental health and addictions, psychological health and safety, safety leadership, health, safety and well-being, and the Safe Worker/Safe Employer Awards.

Dr. Jody Carrington, one of the featured speakers at today’s event, has begun walking hundreds of organizations through the process of reconnection to combat burnout and build mental resilience. 

“We are going to talk a little bit about the cost of burnout in our organizations and what we do to sort of hang onto each other and get reignited in this place where many of us don’t have a lot left in the tank,” says Carrington. “We’re going to talk about some hard things, but … I promise you’re going to have a few laughs.”

The 24th Compensation Institute is being presented online for workers, employers, WCB partners, key stakeholders and members of the media throughout the province. On day one today, participants will hear from a range of world-class presenters, such as:

  • Eddie LeMoine, a Canadian-born best-selling author and certified virtual speaker, seminar leader and corporate trainer, will talk about the impact emotions have had on people’s success, health and happiness the last few years.
  • Joe Roberts, also known as the “skid-row CEO,” will share his story of redemption from a lifelong struggle with addiction and mental illness.
  • WorkSafe Saskatchewan’s Safe Worker and Safe Employer Awards will formally recognize a worker and an employer who go above and beyond to develop a culture of safety in their workplace.
  • Theo Heineman, founder, president and CEO of a safety solutions consulting firm, uses powerful stories to inspire owners, managers and workers to collaborate in creating safe and health workplaces.

Compensation Institute attendees will also learn about the WCB, including employer accounts, prevention of serious injuries and the claims process.

“We are pleased to host Compensation Institute again this year as a unique opportunity to interact with our customers, leaders and partners across Saskatchewan,” says Kevin Mooney, vice-president of employer services and prevention at the WCB. “We have a great lineup of speakers who will discuss relevant workplace safety issues that our customers have told us they want to learn more about. We trust this event will provide attendees with additional tools and resources that they can use to help improve safety at their workplaces.”

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