Business Transformation Program

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The WCB recognizes that WCB customers' needs are changing. Customers look to interact with the WCB in new ways and because of that, the WCB is working to adapt.

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This is why the WCB launched a Business Transformation Program. The program is the start of a transformation that will change how the WCB serves its customers.

It will take customers, partners and WCB staff on a five- to seven-year journey to jointly work to reimagine how the WCB delivers its products and services across all areas of the business and make the changes needed.


Overview of the Business Transformation Program


The Business Transformation Program will review all of the WCB's current systems from a people, process and technology perspective.

This review and transformation of the WCB's systems will result in better service for WCB customers, through enhanced processes and technologies. This will create a win-win-win-win scenario for workers, employers, partners and WCB staff.

Objectives of the Business Transformation Program


The Business Transformation Program will create a modern, efficient customer delivery model to deliver better service and outcomes to injured workers and employers.

The WCB's customer service delivery model will be more proactive and focused on following customers' needs from the first interaction through to the final interaction.

The goal of the Business Transformation Program is to evolve the WCB’s entire delivery model to support workers and employers and to seek to reduce claim costs and lost work time, as well as prevent disabilities.

Benefits of the Business Transformation Program include:

  • Enhancing customer service.
  • Providing better web and mobile tools to injured workers and employers.
  • Improving return-to-work outcomes and reducing time loss from work-related injuries. Improved claims outcomes equates to cost savings to employers.
  • Providing better self-serve options to employers.

Next steps


The WCB will move the Business Transformation Program forward over the next five to seven years.

As the WCB progresses through its transformational priorities, the WCB will communicate its progress with customers and partners.


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